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Deciding to protect your vehicle, home or office with XPEL is a big decision and we want to make sure that you are as informed as you can be to ensure that you are getting the protection that you need. If you can not find the answer to your questions here, please do not hesitate to give XPEL Houston a call. We are always here to help you.

Paint protection film

Can I install clear bra paint protection film myself?

You can only get ULTIMATE PLUSTM Paint Protection Film and STEALTHTM Paint Protection Film installed by a certified XPEL install shop. This ensures that the installation is done correctly and will be covered by our comprehensive warranty.

What does self-healing paint protection film mean?

Self-healing paint protection film means that surface scratches, swirls and other damage caused by impact from shopping carts, rocks and other road debris will erase when it is exposed to heat. Either the heat from the sun, or hot water are both effective in activating the self-healing feature of our film.

car window tinting

Will window tint protect my vehicle's interior?

Car window tinting does protect the interior of your vehicle from damage caused by heat exposure and harmful UV rays.

What is the difference between the $29.99 tint I can buy and install myself and XPEL automotive window tint?

All car window tint options under our PRIMETM Series have been created and tested to not only last a lifetime, but to provide unmatched protection from the sun. When purchasing and installing window tint found in a store or online, you can’t be sure that you are getting the quality and protection that you need and expect from your tint.

What kind of warranty does XPEL Houston offer for car window tinting services?

XPEL’s comprehensive warranty for window tint is for as long as the tint remains on the vehicle. Even if the vehicle changes ownership, the warranty transfers to the new owner.


Does paint protection film and ceramic coating do the same thing?

Although paint protection film and ceramic coating have similarities between them, they are not the same. One example of this is that ceramic coating is not self-healing, paint protection film is.

Why does my car need a ceramic coat?

Ceramic coating keeps your car’s paint looking great. One application equals years of protection, decreasing the frequency of car washes and the time spent on maintaining a shiny finish.

Can I apply FUSION PLUSTM by myself?

FUSION PLUSTM should be applied by someone who has been trained and is certified by XPEL to ensure a complete and even application that you will be pleased with.


Why get Anti-Graffiti Film if I know it will be vandalized?

Anti-Graffiti film is used to protect surfaces in high traffic areas. The film acts as a barrier to limit scratches, corrosion, and breakage. If the film is vandalized and is unsalvageable, it is easier and more cost effective to replace the film instead of the surface that the film is protecting.

How do I clean windows with window film on them?

You do not want to wash your windows with anything that can harm the film and decrease it’s functionality. XPEL offers a line of after care products including anti-static window film cleaner. Give us a call and we will tell you more about it.

What if I don't want dark or shiny tint on my home windows?

Not all residential window films are dark or shiny. In fact, you can choose a film that is not noticeable as a film, other than the UV Protection, glare reduction, and heat reduction it provides.

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